Fire Pit

Another favorite tradition here is the fire pit. You can buy one or very easily build one with bricks and stone in the backyard. No one likes to be inside during the spring and summer because winter is so long and cold. as soon as it stops snowing, EVERYONE is outside all the time! The daylight lasts from 4am until 9pm, so it is never too dark to enjoy the outdoors. My friends and I love to go camping and cycling. It is a truly busy and wonderful time when people become social and happy again!

This picture was taken in April - just a couple weeks after the last snow. It was still a little cold at night, but we are used to it! The fire is a place for friends to gather around and share stories and drinks and laughter. My friend Eric is an expert at fire! He loves to build them and always takes control! We walk through the neighborhoods collecting old wood to burn because many trees will fall down in the winter. The snow is so heavy!! Even Ernie the dog likes fires!